Track, analyze and optimize your service

A waiter call system, developed to increase drink sales, improve your service and lower labor costs.

Service, anytime & anywhere - just a push of a button away.

Get those extra orders in

express-call® allows your guests to call for a waiter or even request the check with a push of a button.
Have you ever wondered, what selling one extra drink per table, per day could sum up to?
Probably more than you expect.

Less thinking, more profitable actions

impulsive buying decisions are usually made within 3 seconds.
Capturing these spontaneous orders is crucial to increasing overall table turnover.
express-call® eliminates communication barriers by transferring the buying impulse there and then.
Your guests will never have to look out for, or even wave down a waiter again.

Unlocking buying potential

That Espresso your guest thought about but didn’t get because the waiter wasn’t around? Well now his getting it. No more searching, waving down. Making the process of ordering as simple as possible.

Get the check & turn the table

Keep an overview of all tables at all times. Reduce waiting times for guests requesting the check and to those waiting to be seated.
Better table rotation for a better business.

Highly efficient, cost effective & time saving

express-call® reduces wait times.
It effectively helps you recognize the desire of those guests requesting the check hence,
also reducing the on hold times to those waiting to be seated.

Get the complete overview

All the request information you need is shown on one or multiple tablets. Which table, when and what is displayed with a tri color differential visible from larger distances. Never miss a single call again, even in busiest times.

Boost employee productivity

Reduce those unnecessary walking paths with no sales benefits. Let express-call show you the way instead, turning your restaurant into a well-oiled machine, churning out orders and satisfying customers.

Decrease staff costs, without cutting staff

Run your business more efficiently. express-call helps you evaluate your schedules to prevent you from overbooking employees. You won’t be needing five servers during those slow mid-afternoon hours. Less staff can handle more tables more efficiently.

Simplicity, innovation & process automization

Contemporary innovation, paired with simplicity allowing service automation & optimization. Getting more money spent on those higher-margin items.

Durable Design

Menu holder made of brushed stainless steel, laser-cut,
This menu holder is built to last.

More control, better service & a higher revenue.

Start implementing express-call® today.
Our customers report of revenue increases between 3 and 8%.

"A groundbreaking product that delivers on its promises and exceeds expectations- even with the bar set high. This truly feels like the future of hospitality."
Jan EberleSatisfied Customer