How it works?

Each table is fitted with an express-call® table pager. Each table pager is equipped 3 action buttons, informing your servicepersonal about the needs of your guests.

service bill/check cancel

  • order/service
  • bill/check
  • cancel

As soon as a button is pressed, a wireless signal is directly transmitted to the central unit. A green LED lights up for approximately 3 seconds, notifying your guest, that the signal has successfully been transmitted and received.



The reaction time is instantaneous

The wireless signal is immediately received by the central unit and gets visualized on your touch screen. All that has to done, is for your staff to attend to the needs and desires of you guests. Your waiters can cancel the call at anytime, by tapping it off the screen or pressing the X button on the table pager before or after your guest has been attended to.

The visualization is designed to be effortless

Getting the full picture from a distance without having to stand in front of the display. Using bold fonts and a tri color differential, we’ve made it easy to recognize the demand, even from larger distances. It takes you and your staff less than a minute to understand the system and gets them going in no time at all.

World class service is made conceivable

Imagine express-call were installed in your business today and nobody ever pushes a button. You would most probably have perfect service and our system would be worthless to you.

If on the other hand, it were the other way around, this would mean your guests are obviously using our system for good reasons: no waiter in sight, an impulsiv buying decision, unnoticed by the waiter, time pressure etc.

The more service buttons your guests push, the more you would have probably missed out on calls in the past – even if we assume, that only 20% of all service calls made, would have been lost opportunities under normal circumstances without express-call.

So what other benefits do you have?