It really is this simple.

Increase your revenue by up to 8%.
Reduce labor costs by decreasing up to one waiter per shift.
Better your overall restaurant service quality.

Works perfectly on all devices

EXPRESS-CALL™ Software Application
All the information needed is shown on any touch screen tablet you wish. It can be placed on any dry surface or mounted to the wall – usually in an area waiters often pass. Incoming calls can be signaled with sound. The standard size of the tablet is 10 inches, larger screens sizes can be used.

Built in acoustic for incoming calls is volume adjustable.
  • Kitchen | Cook is calling (Green)
  • Bill | Check requests displyed in (Red)
  • Order | Service requests are all shown in (Yellow)

Tap it off to delete requests

So you’ve seen your table requests. Just tap it off the screen or push the X button on the table pager to make is disappear.


express-call® is simultaneously tracking your service times from the moment a button is pushed until the request has been deleted. This helps you recognize possible deficits, or if everything is working well, you can sit back and relax.


express-call® comes with an intelligent shift organizer. Just type in your name and choose the area or areas you are working in today. The system automatically assigns the correct tables according to the chosen working areas.

Intelligent rotation as a key to success

There’s no need for somebody to stand in-front of the screen and wait for something appear. Our system is thought to be a rotation service device. See the request, deal with the request. No requests – check your guests. Come back and repeat.


Thanks to the use of updatable software, you’re always ready for the future.

Quick Amortization

express-call® pays for itself within 3-6 months.

Simple design, yet powerful product

A pager can be placed on each table and assigned to a table number on the receiver’s software which can handle up to 125 pagers per unit.

Did you know our signals are encrypted? This means no external signal interference.

Message confirmation LED on pager to confirm pressed button.

  • UV and weather resistant surface
  • Durable and long lasting materials
  • Can be mounted securely on the table
  • Encrypted radio signal
  • Up to 10.000 clicks per battery cycle
  • Uses button batteries – widely available
  • Hygiene friendly design
  • Can be cleansed under running water

Wireless Communication

Trouble-free operation thanks to radio signal encryption. Multiple systems can be operated simultaneously. Our table pagers have a range of approx. 100 meters open field. Obstacles can reduce the range. We also offer a signal booster/repeater.

Weather Resistant

The table pagers are also suitable for outdoor use (garden, terrace, beer garden). The cleaning under running water is possible.

Response LED

Brief illumination of a good visible LED next to each button to confirm the receipt of the radio signal. (automatically done by the system).


The table pagers can be fixed with a bolt (e.g. mounting on the table). We can gladly assist you with different tried out possibilities.

Battery Operated

Uses two standard flat batteries, which are sufficient for about 10,000 operations and can be easily changed.

Made in Germany

We are confident about our quality. Using the best possible materials and electronic components to get you the best possible experience and reliability for the best price performance ratio.

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