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We’ve developed a high quality wireless waiter calling system – made in Germany


At express-call, we believe in people first technology. Our mission is to use technology; assisting our clients in reaching their goals. Leading companies have long understood, that success means more than executing a technology list. Rather it depends on the people using technology to achieve superior results.

Since our establishment in 2009, express-call has been bringing high quality wireless waiter calling systems to a wide variety of different clients worldwide.

Many of our clients have been using our system for more than 5 years. Our products truly withstand the test of time. Whether in a restaurant, the hotel pool area or even on the beach. We are confident about our quality.

Get you express-call® wireless waiter calling system today and enjoy a redefined way of service.  Made for you, your employees and your guests.

We would love to help you incorporate changes in your company’s DNA, using our efficient and effective system. Assisting one of  the most important resources in your company – your employees.

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