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Boost your revenue through additional sales. Lower your staff costs by up to one waiter per shift and optimize your service by never missing a call again.

Reported revenue increases of by up to 8%


A café or restaurant with 45 tables equipped with express-call®.

Let’s assume each table only has 2 order requests per day. This sums up to a total of 2.700 order requests every month. If only 20% were impulsiv buying decisions made by your guests or even worse calls you might have missed out on without express-call, you would be loosing 540 calls – every month. 

With a low priced beverage selling at 2,50 €, this is what you’re missing out on:

-1.350,00 EUR. – mly. | -16.200,00 EUR. – p. a. | -48.600,00 EUR. –  in 3 years.

Please consider the fact, that it’s usually not only one drink ordered per table but more likely to be 2 or more. This can easily double the figures shown above.


Service improvement

Tend to your customers in an efficient and effective way.

Most guests prefer servicepersonal to be there when needed. It’s usually not about trying to read their minds but more about being there quickly when needed. Of course everybody enjoys being taken care of, or asked if everything is ok – we strongly believe this should stay this way. At express-call®, we encourage you and your staff to keep up with the good personal service. Our system is meant to help you give your guests that extra butler feeling. An extra service your guests will use, enjoy and spread the word about.

Every happy customer helps you expand your business.


Lower labor costs

Some of our clients report being able to decrease staff by up to one waiter per shift after implementing express-call®. Most restaurants report labor cost between 28-35% of weekly revenue, so lowering these costs is a great benefit to your business. Achieve more with less staff, more easily.

Reducing one waiter in a 6 hour shift, can easily save you up to 90,00 EUR. per day.


Make it happen.

Starting as low as 0,21 € per table, per day in your first year &

0,04 € per table, per day from the second year – onwards.

We at express-call® are confident, that our product will satisfy you, your staff and your guests.


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